The ultimate folding door hardware system for doors weighing up to 50kg, 100kg and 150kg

  • High security locking system
  • Systems available for doors weighing up to 50kg, 100kg and 150kg
  • Oustanding weather and corrosion resistance
  • Available in four colour choices
  • Tested to over 100,000 cycles

Securefold offers the very best in exterior folding door hardware systems to help you securely open up a home to the outside world. The system has been designed for residential and commercial applications for top hung or exterior timber doors weighing up to 50kg, 100kg and 150kg. With all components made from stainless steel 316 the system is extremely resistant against the elements and corrosion, making it ideally suited for coastal environments.


Securefold 100 features all the benefits of both the 50 and 150 with the addition of a further enhancement, R-Loc – a clever ratchet system that enables installers to easily raise or lower a door, eliminating the process of locking the hanger in place with a grub screw.


For aluminium doors use Securefold morticed hinge, fixing components are not supplied as standard for aluminium doors.

*For thick and/or narrow width doors please consult the fitting instructions regarding ‘camming’.


Please Note: Securefold 50 is available in satin, chrome and black only.


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ProductMax. Door WeightMax. Door HeightMax. Door WidthDoor ThicknessDoor MaterialApplication
Securefold 5050kg3300mm1000mm35-68mm*WoodExterior
Securefold 100100kg3300mm1000mm36-68mmWoodExterior
Securefold 150150kg4000mm1200mm45 - 68mmWoodExterior
ProductMax. Door WeightMax. Door HeightMax. Door WidthDoor ThicknessDoor MaterialApplication
Securefold 5050kg3300mm1000mm35-68mm*WoodExterior
ProductMax. Door WeightMax. Door HeightMax. Door WidthDoor ThicknessDoor MaterialApplication
Securefold 100100kg3300mm1000mm36-68mmWoodExterior
ProductMax. Door WeightMax. Door HeightMax. Door WidthDoor ThicknessDoor MaterialApplication
Securefold 150150kg4000mm1200mm45 - 68mmWoodExterior
Product Image Product Name Details & Information
AQ21 Frame Seal Frame perimeter seal available in brown or white. Price per meter. view product
AQ63 Door Seal Brown door perimeter seal. Price per meter. view product
BS Track Brush Seal Track Brush Seal. Two types available; 120 track seal or 180/250 track seal. Price per meter. view product
Securefold Flush Bolt Lockable flush bolt for straight sliding or folding timber doors. Available in a variety of finishes and sizes. view product

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Description DWG DXF PDF
2D Layout Outward Opening
Securefold 100 Outward Opening 1+2 Leafs 1.64mb 5.49mb 140.18kb
Securefold 100 Outward Opening 2+0 Leafs 1.63mb 5.48mb 138.00kb
Securefold 100 Outward Opening 2+2 Leafs 1.78mb 5.94mb 165.03kb
Securefold 100 Outward Opening 3+0 Leafs 1.66mb 5.54mb 155.71kb
Securefold 100 Outward Opening 3+1 Leafs 1.64mb 5.50mb 166.01kb
Securefold 100 Outward Opening 3+2 Leafs 1.73mb 5.70mb 187.77kb
Securefold 100 Outward Opening 3+3 Leafs 1.67mb 5.56mb 185.72kb
Securefold 100 Outward Opening 4+0 Leafs 1.65mb 5.54mb 187.51kb
Securefold 100 Outward Opening 4+1 Leafs 1.65mb 5.56mb 195.75kb
Securefold 100 Outward Opening 4+2 Leafs 1.77mb 5.95mb 214.93kb
Securefold 100 Outward Opening 5+0 Leafs 1.64mb 5.51mb 177.30kb
Securefold 100 Outward Opening 5+1 Leafs 1.77mb 5.89mb 186.82kb
Securefold 100 Outward Opening 6+0 Leafs 1.99mb 6.69mb 210.34kb
Securefold Surface Mounted End Views 0.00 0.00 131.95kb
Securefold Surface Mounted Top Side and End Views 3.59mb 0.00 0.00
Securefold Surface Mounted Top Side Views 0.00 0.00 101.85kb
Securefold Surface Mounted Top View 0.00 0.00 102.34kb
2D Layout Inward Opening
Securefold 100 Inward Opening 2+0 Leafs 1.39mb 7.90mb 208.13kb
Securefold 100 Inward Opening 3+0 Leafs 1.38mb 7.85mb 218.88kb
Securefold 50 and 100 CAD Drawings
94P Channel 161.23kb 344.36kb 26.13kb
94Sc Channel 153.93kb 321.53kb 26.64kb
180 Track 258.79kb 323.24kb 62.42kb
250 Track 259.11kb 324.16kb 62.77kb
AQ21B Seal 153.22kb 321.04kb 54.44kb
AQ63B Seal 150.66kb 311.99kb 51.53kb
BS10S Track Seal 145.98kb 302.21kb 54.98kb
FB110 Flush Bolt 165.16kb 385.79kb 131.43kb
SF1 Pivot Set 260.25kb 712.08kb 76.32kb
SFW1 Pivot Set 358.18kb 1.10mb 82.91kb
SF9 Pivot Hinge 163.25kb 341.19kb 61.82kb
SFW9 Pivot Hinge 160.93kb 332.38kb 61.39kb
SF2L Endhanger Set Left 258.75kb 701.71kb 83.21kb
SF2R Endhanger Set Right 248.51kb 663.66kb 79.12kb
SF8 Endhanger Set 379.94kb 1.12mb 116.72kb
SFW2L Endhanger Set Left 341.87kb 1.03mb 86.20kb
SFW2R Endhanger Set Right 337.69kb 1.01mb 87.16kb
SFW8 Endhanger Set 472.47kb 1.52mb 110.08kb
SF3 Hinge Set 926.53kb 3.30mb 99.23kb
SF4 Hinge Set 317.06kb 917.44kb 99.85kb
SF5 Hinge Set 195.75kb 462.06kb 71.68kb
SF6 Hinge Set 1.32mb 4.97mb 103.07kb
SF7 Hinge Set 1.34mb 5.07mb 110.09kb
SF10 Handle 182.63kb 409.69kb 61.52kb
SFW10 Surface Mounted Handle 225.10kb 604.61kb 104.04kb
SF94T Threshold Assembly 1.71mb 5.75mb 129.14kb
SF94T Jamb Jamb Kit 183.22kb 433.37kb 107.35kb
SF190 Flush Bolt 190mm 176.03kb 387.21kb 67.35kb
SF190L Flush Bolt Lockable 190mm 186.45kb 428.53kb 67.44kb
SF190IB Flush Bolt 190mm 172.08kb 372.05kb 62.00kb
SF190IBL Flush Bolt Lockable 190mm 185.00kb 422.36kb 66.06kb
SF190IT Flush Bolt 190mm 168.52kb 360.42kb 60.65kb
SF450 Flush Bolt 450mm 177.49kb 393.02kb 62.66kb
SF450IT Flush Bolt 450mm 173.56kb 379.06kb 61.78kb
SF450L Flush Bolt Lockable 450mm 222.96kb 579.92kb 69.34kb
SF600 Flush Bolt 600mm 180.18kb 402.82kb 67.95kb
SF600IT Flush Bolt 600mm 174.61kb 383.25kb 64.97kb
SF600L Flush Bolt Lockable 600mm 193.50kb 455.06kb 71.41kb
Securefold 150 CAD Drawings
98P - Polyprop Channel 152.22kb 314.21kb 84.28kb
98SC - Guide Support Channel 155.30kb 325.96kb 87.65kb
480 - Track 159.28kb 340.87kb 90.98kb
SF1S150 - Securefold 150 Pivot 438.84kb 791.01kb 93.98kb
SFS150 - Securefold 150 End Hanger 410.90kb 676.72kb 94.04kb
SF3S150 - Securefold 150 Mid Hinge Handle 413.36kb 687.95kb 94.22kb
SF4S150 - Securefold 150 Intermediate Hanger 433.34kb 765.61kb 108.89kb
SF7S150 - Securefold 150 Hinge Handle Offset 415.83kb 697.88kb 94.97kb
SF8S150 - Securefold 150 End Hanger 439.27kb 783.02kb 107.03kb
SF9S150 - Securefold 150 Pivot Hinge 364.21kb 455.22kb 85.64kb
SF10S150 - Securefold Handle 381.39kb 561.46kb 84.75kb